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Tantus Pack and Play #1

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Soft enough for packing but stiff enough to get the job done!

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Pack and Play #1 – Warning: May turn heads!

The dual-density Tantus Pack ‘n Play line was created to offer state of the art design for both packing and use during sex. The pliable silicone enables you to pack comfortably in a harness underneath clothing (boner alert!), but when it’s time to play, the stiffer silicone core makes it perfect for penetration. Be ready on a moment’s notice! This bad boy features a smooth, shiny head and a velvety, matte shaft that your partner will love.

Insertable Length: 6.5 inches.
Diameter: 1.75 inches.

See How to Care for Silicone Toys.

Manufactured by Tantus.

Tantus takes pride in the fact that all their products are healthy for the body and made using processes that are healthy for the Earth. 
It is recommended to use a stretchy O-ring rather than a metal O-ring with this product, to avoid damaging the soft silicone finish. (RodeoH & Spareparts underwear style harnesses have the stretchy O-rings. If your harness has a removable metal O-ring, you can switch it out with a silicone one.) It is recommended to remove the toy from the O-ring when not in use.
Made in the USA!
Bazzy says: This product is in my personal toybox! Platinum silicone is the safest and best material for packers and dildos, in my not so humble opinion. Tantus is a well-respected company that makes outstanding products. Platinum dual-density silicone (Made in a process that perhaps Vixen Creations missed the opportunity to patent) is absolutely amazing and cannot be beat with any other material known to man for realism as well as health concerns. I only hope in the future Tantus will release these in the light & dark skin tones many of us would prefer.