Super Hung Heroes The Hammer


Be a superhero in bed tonight!

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Look! It’s a New League of Extraordinary Dildos – The Super Hung Heroes!

Behold a treasure form a far off planet! The Hammer features a deep brown shaft that the God of Thundering Orgasms would be proud to call his own! Legend has it that The Hammer bestows mythical pleasure powers upon whoever possesses it! Be a superhero in bed tonight!

Material: 100% Platinum Silicone.
Length: 9.5″ (6.5″ Insertable).
Diameter/Width: 1.6″.
Circumference/Girth: 5″.
Harness compatible (in theory…the hammer-head base is certainly not traditional).

Read more about why buying Silicone toys is important, and how to care for silicone toys.

Made in the USA by Doc Johnson.

Bazzy says: In case anyone didn’t get the memo, this is Doc Johnson’s idea of what Thor’s wanger (or favourite erotic tool?) looks like. You have to give them credit for originality here! And an extra high-five for choosing to cast it in body-safe 100% Platinum Silicone! Comic book fans may want to display this dildo proudly in the colorful box because it is awesome.

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