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Semenette Ejaculating Dildo in Dark Skin Tone


Semenette ejaculating/inseminating dildo, chocolate skin tone.

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The Ejaculating and Inseminating Semenette in Chocolate (Dark) Skin Tone.

** SOLD OUT and discontinued. This item has been replaced by the new, improved POP! Check it out!

This is hands-down the best new invention for FTM guys who want the experience of ejaculating into or even inseminating their partners! The inventor clearly had the FTM community, as well as others, in mind when inventing the Semenette. She is lesbian who has herself successfully impregnated her partner with their first child using this product!

Easy to assemble, use and clean! Check out the video above.

The benefit for using the product for insemination is that you do not need to use a cold clinical device as in the past. Instead there is the possibility of having a pleasurable and intimate experience while trying to conceive.

The Semenette can also be loaded with a substance such as lube to simulate ejaculation without sperm.

The package includes everything you need to get started: the dildo, 3 tubes, 3 Luer Lock fittings, 3 tip plugs and 1 squeeze bulb. A refill kit is also available. The Semenette is also available in Vanilla (light) and Chocolate (dark) skin tones.

Material: 100% Platinum Silicone
Length: 6.342″
Width: 1.5″
Harness-compatible: Yes
Made in the USA!

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Bazzy says: I haven’t been this excited over a new product in a long time. The Semenette addressess the main function that I envy CIS men, and that is probably true for a lot of us. This is a brilliant innovation and I applaud them for producing it in the USA out of medical grade Platinum silicone– not to mention in three skin tones!

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