Pack of 3 Silicone O-Rings


Silicone O-Rings to add versatility to your harness.

Pack of 3 Silicone O-Rings.

These stretchy silicone O-Rings will secure a wide variety of dildos, but are especially recommended for use with dual-density platinum silicone dildos which have a softer outer layer that could be damaged by metal O-rings. For use with harnesses that allow for interchangeable O-rings.

Made of pure silicone. Manufactured by Doc Johnson.

Sizes of O-Rings:
Package contains one of each size: 1.5 inches, 1.75 inches, 2 inches.
It is recommended to remove the O-ring from the dildo when not in use to minimize stretching and because different formulations of silicone can interact (and basically melt together) after prolonged exposure.
Bazzy says: Have a set of these on hand to switch things up!