A medical grade silicone stand to pee device.



OK, technically this is called the “GoGirl” but we don’t like to call it that for obvious reasons. Simply put, this device allows pre-op trans guys and others to enjoy the convenience of standing up to go to the bathroom. Check it out: It’s neat, discreet, hygienic.  Made from pliable medical grade silicone that conforms to your body, making it easy to use. Medical grade silicone is hygienic, won’t hold germs, and easily washes up with soap and water. Includes a reusable storage/carrying tube. Manufactured by FemMed Inc.

Outer packaging is marketed towards CIS women – sorry.
Bazzy says: This is a great product, it’s just unfortunately named since probably half of their customers are not girls. I suggest decorating the carrying tube to your own liking or just carrying it in your pocket without the tube.

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