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Deluxe Steel Vacuum Pump

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Heavy duty steel & chrome vacuum pump with pressure gauge.

Deluxe Steel Vacuum Pump

This is no ordinary pump! The Deluxe Steel Vacuum Pump is constructed with heavy duty metal and chrome detail. This signature pumping system is equipped with a built-in pressure gauge to monitor intensity, a vacuum lock connector with a flexible hose that is compatible with any standard cylinder (not included) and cushioned support for your gripping pleasure.

The main reason for pumping is that the increased blood flow heightens sensitivity and stimulates growth. Some guys have reported significant gains in size by pumping consistently over time, and even many surgeons who perform metoidioplasty recommend pumping. It is interesting to note that some guys put a sleeve over their cylinder and have sex, without the need for a strap-on.

Manufactured by Size Matters.

Bazzy says: If I had known then what I know now, I would have started pumping 15 years ago.

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