2″ Stainless Steel Beaded O-Ring


Beaded Stainless Steel O-Ring to add versatility & sex appeal to your harness.

2″ Stainless Steel Beaded O-Ring.

This smoking hot, heavy, beaded O-Ring will secure a wide variety of dildos, and do it in style. Stainless steel is non-porous, hygienic, easy to sterilize, temperature sensitive and impact resistant. 2″ diameter. For use with harnesses that allow for interchangeable o-rings.

Manufactured by XR Brands.

2″ diameter. Also available in 1.75″ diameter.
Although not primarily made of nickel, stainless steel may still contain small amounts of nickel, so this may not be suitable for those with allergies to it.
For badasses only.
Bazzy says: This is not your average O-Ring, it is a thing of beauty!