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Choose Dual Density 100% Platinum Silicone for Realism


You may already be familiar with the advantages of 100% Platinum Silicone. Because it is non-toxic and body safe, non-porous and able to be sterilized completely, and durable for years or even a lifetime with easy, minimal care, it is truly the highest quality sex toy material available on the market. It has no smell, taste, or any of the risks of cheaper materials.

Well, Dual Density kicks it up a notch!

It has all these same advantages but with a much more flexible and realistic feeling. Dual Density 100% Platinum Silicone is pliable to the touch yet firm enough for penetration– just like the natural feeling of an erection. There is truly nothing else that comes close.

Dual Density 100% Platinum Silicone toys are produced by creating a firmer, higher density core with a softer, lower density layer on the outside. Check out the diagram above to get a visual on this.

Dildos made with this technology feel amazingly lifelike. Adding to the realism, 100% Platinum Silicone warms quickly to body temperature– or heat it up more rapidly by placing it in hot water. Dual Density 100% Platinum Silicone dildos are perfect for packing as well as play because of their pliability.

We proudly carry Dual Density 100% Platinum Silicone Dildos from Vixen Creations (Vixskin line), Tantus (Pack N Play line), and Blush Novelties (Real Nude line). Vixskin & Tantus both have the additional advantage of being made in the USA. Vixskins come with an unprecedented limited lifetime warranty.

Upgrade your strap-on game by choosing a 100% Platinum Silicone Dual-Density Dildo. Also makes a wonderful, luxurious gift to show that you care about your partner’s health and pleasure, as well as yours.

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